September 18, 2011


im staring at this monitor for like five minutes, like seriously. i confused by these ideas inside my brain. someone said, "when you couldnt think of any, maybe you had a lot of them in your head or you had none". maybe i had a lot or none but i was thinking about this phrase, 
"when there is a will, there is a way"

i have dreams. uncountable dreams, i'd say. everyone had their own dreams. but sometimes we're just too afraid of dreaming because we're so afraid of losing. but guys, trust me, when youre not dreaming anymore then youre not hoping anything. when youre not hoping anything then what the h*ll is the reason for you to still alive?! if you dont have dream then you have nothing to live for. youre like lost. youre lost in this universe.

i was afraid of hoping something too when i knew it isnt realistic and too impossible. but then i realized, if God could create this entire universe, there is no impossible for Him to make my dreamSS come true. He made planets standing still for billion years. He made those stars sparkling every night. He made us breathing every second. He made us from flash and blood and bones. there is no impossible for Him to make our tiny wishes granted. thats why i dare to dream and believe it will come true. whether its too impossible or too great to be true.