March 25, 2012

two contrary sides

just watch! Oh Land - Sun of A Gun

March 19, 2012

As time goes by...

its been very hard these days, when everything are just rushing to come and go. you dont realize how fast time goes by. my junior in high school are preparing for the final exam. it was me. i was preparing for the national exam too last year. and if i remember correctly, i was as same as exhausted, worried, tired, overwhelmed or that such thing for this event. one of your biggest moment in your life as the end of your journey in your highest year in teenage life.

high school was so precious, one of a kind, such a memory for me and also for everybody. the pride of being in white grey uniform, the shame of being locked out the school for being late, the drama of love story, and of course friendship. oh i wish i could go back to that time. i want to fix several things.

March 05, 2012



PBT by feekau featuring high heels