April 24, 2012

New Song!

hai! new song is arrived! im totally sure youre gonna like this! please skip the video to 5:14, thats when the song exactly started :p

i dont know why i like electro techno pop kinda things i mean with sanitizer, i like the way things sound with it xixi.


April 09, 2012

Son of A Gun

remember my post about oh land music video? just in case you dont, you can watch it here. so i was inspired to make mood picture from the song because i like it so much so it plays in my mind everytime. the song was actually about a girl who doesnt want to be around the guy she used to love anymore. she turns to hate him so much and wants him to go away. common story but brought with unique vocal from Oh Land it just so......great. i dont know how to say it anymore. i want to share my second mood picture to you~

April 08, 2012


i just re-joined to bloglovin :p

April 07, 2012

New Illustrator in my mind!

well i found this picture accidentally on tumblr. i like the picture and reblog it too but i didnt know that the illustrator was doing so many illustration with this kinda style. are you curious? well this is my first picture
isnt it beautiful?

the dashed, TRIANGLES, bear-head girl, it was GOOD. but then i found this one below

the deer!
same style and color. few days later i decide to search Kris Tate on Google. look what ive found. these amazing pictures and illustrations of her. haha!

you might think im too hipster or stuff, but i do like this kinda things and craaayzeh about it.

When Greyscales Meet Geometric

my first mood picture to be released on web, well im so nervous and worried about this. haha. well i was wondering about magdalena frackowiak as my muse xixixi well the title is "Greyscale Meets Geometric", why because my certain mood at the time i made this was not so clear i was blur. didnt think about anything and i was so crazy about triangles and geometric especially about black and white thingy haha well enough for the talk, im gonna show you the mood~

leave your thoughts for me :)

April 02, 2012

Lost Soul

hi. this is about (checking time) waw its already monday. another beezy day to start with. hm remember when i told you that i was so excited about going to college? yeah i was losing that spirit few days ago. i completely lost in there. i felt like this is not what i wanted me to be or something because i didnt feel happy AT ALL. i was so tired. i started to questioning is this what i wanted? my dreams were getting smaller and smaller. i didnt know where i stand.

but couple of days ago, i finally (not so sure but guess so) found my way back. what i want to be, why am i here blah. you know what really hard about finding a way back? try to feel the old feelings of excitement and reasons why im here. finding your own spirit in fog. its hard. i was trying to feel that feeling but i felt nothing. then i started to see my goals and dreams. then i felt like some button in my head is turning on. i burst my tears (well not that much but yeah lil bit). i feel so dumb if i waste this golden chance. i mean, i got what i wanted and what i needed, what else can you expect? you can be like the others who had luxurious facilities but then become nothing, but i decided not to be. i dont want to be the one i dont like. i dont want to be such a hypocrite.

that was the old saying that young age is about to find your own true identity, well its true. damn true. if you step, once step, in the mud, youre gonna be dirty. but its your choice to clean it up or let it stick in your foot till it stained. well ive decided to clean it up. hope i will always choose to clean it up