October 09, 2011

Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad

Hi bloggie. Ive just finished one of my tasks. I finished project 3! Yeay *standing ovation*

Do you know what the biggest opinion changer on someone? Their expectation and their action. They expect us to do much when you know they already realized how far you can go. They act like you can do everything when you know they already realized you cant do everything in one exact same time! Geez mood destroyer! 

Happened to having some relative who did that. Such a........ I dont know, bad person, I guess. I just turned out to be dislike that person. I know I cant judge this person so quickly but I just cant take it. Okay enough for the victim.

I was wondering why is my playlist playing sad love songs on and on? Then I realized I typed the 'love' keyword without erase it after. There is no incindent, there is only a moment you meant to do but you forget why you did that. Enough for tonight. I dont want any drama or that kinda thing for now. Im keeping it for my pre-sleep tonight. Gotta go shalat. Bye bloggie post you as soon as my homeworks could be finished