October 31, 2011

Trash Mistakes/Store Mistakes?

miss me bloggie? ;) still workin on my homeworks tho'. i got a lot of em but you already knew it rite? well maybe 'still workin' is not the right phrase, lets just say, im trying to work.

it began tonight. When i suddenly thinking about trash;disposal or something. Such a random thought. I was about to search some meaning of words in any kind of languages too so i opened google translate. I typed ‘saya membuang yang seharusnya disimpan dan menyimpan yang seharusnya dibuang’ and it became this

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 i didnt expect to be retweeted, but i did. yeah seemed like some people had the same thought as me. 

when i had mistake, i really totally regret it so badly like crazy. im gonna think about it over and over again, wishing it would never happened or wishing i wish i didnt do it or i wish i did something. but at the end of the day, i'll see its not too bad. my mistakes define who i am right now, rite? the way i think, the way i act, the way i treat people, the way i understand people, everything. one mistake could change everything. 

if you ask me, what is my biggest mistake in my whole life? i'd say my biggest mistake is not letting myself finding my own self. if i could just loosen up or that kinda thing maybe im gonna be a waaaay more different than who i am. but still, i no regret anything. i thankful to God for every laughters and tears, every happy and sad, every joy and bore, every up and down.