November 07, 2011

Mind's Flush

sad to say that my long weekend which is three days long, is officially over by tonight. i will start my ordinary college life, which is such a buzzy day, tomorrow morning. im actually gonna stay up late tonight! ya tonight! i got 2 tests and 1 bantex to be submitted by wednesday. im already got headache by only imagine all those things :s

you know what bloggie, i am working on my sister's homework, like really. and what shes doing? shes just wandering and ask me "has it done yet?" If i could throw anything, i would have already done that hours ago. because ive been doing this thing since 6 and now i havent finished yet.

this is a bad ending for my holidays. totally.

okay enough being a victim. but i cant stop these words coming through my mouth, uh no, my mind. i was have my own principal, never complain because God dont like complainers. im still working so hard to keep me down on the track. nobody is perfect. nobody.

i had some financial issues... i only got about 30 thousands in my wallet. im broke.

gosh im so random, dont you think? dont you feel bored staring at the screen, reading my complains about everything? i wonder who is the one who never bored staring at my life's journal and smiling instead. one day im gonna be surprised and blushing cause of that oooooor freak out....