December 28, 2011


dark takes over from here. just another way to say, good evening! ive been flooded my blog with sets from my polyvore acc. holidays. nothing to do. well actually i did something today. i went to flea market today yeay! i got one bag, two skirts and one blazer. i guess my mom bought me a t-shirt too....... okay soooo today i want to share you bout my dreamteam.

i was a cheerleader in highschool and i so damnly proud of it. its dazzle. we won the 10th place in ncc 2010 we beat over 30 highschools all over indonesia. xixi

im not gonna talk about my own team as my dreamteam its about thailand national cheerleader team. they are so terribly good! awesome. great. whatever it is. you name it. they are. so im gonna show you the video of thailand's cheerleaders in icu world championship 2011 and they got silver. dont swearing over the video okay. :x 
they make me wanna join the national cheerleader. dont dare to hit the play button if you cant take the all-time goosebumps all over your body