December 25, 2011

Sunday morning no rain is falling

its december 25th already yes its christmas. merry christmas for those who celebrates. cheers! well by christmas so new year is few days ahead and i have no idea why one year is happened to walk so fast. seems like its yesterday i studied for national exam or even the graduation or even the first day of becoming the student of esmod.

time does run fast. 

its sunday morning and clouds are hanging in the sky but too bad yes too bad its not raining. i love rain anyway

so by the way, i already in my holiday. its about two weeks. so i got so many sleeps ahead before come back to my sleepless routine. but anyway i cant tell you its pure holiday because still, there are holiday tasks and assignment that i need to work on. 

january 8th is foster the people concert in jakarta so ive planned it already, first week of holiday i must finish all of my homeworks and 8th january i'll put my homeworks at my grandie's house so at that night i dont have to rushing home. i'll stay at grandie's house :D

see ive planned everything but i havent bought the tickets yet :" cross your finger lets see the stock.........
WELL IVE CHECKED BUT THEYRE NOT TELLING ME HOW MANY TICKETS LEFT! but i still can order the ticket so i kinda confused and worried and i dont know happy maybe....

#prayforftptickets :"""""(