February 17, 2012

i dont know why i took so long in this project, Skirt Dossier, i woke up all night long and still couldnt finished them. today was the due date. deadline. i ended up FAIL!!!!! i could say, probably and hopefully this is the last time i did this. i feel so bad about myself and the way Ludo looking at me with not-a-chance-look, was just tearing me apart into pieces of pieces.

such a crap. i used to finished on time. eventhough it was right any minute before the due time. but that was okay, it was finished completely without something missing. but this one, oh my god, i gotta be kidding myself. i asked myself this afternoon, is it the real life?!!! i felt like i was dreaming or something. because its happened so fast and i really couldnt take it good. i cried. of course.

the one reason why i hate it so much and the one i only worried for is my parents. i was afraid id be dissapointed them. but when my mom said its okay, i felt like something on my shoulder was being held up high. this has to be the last time of my laziness. its gotta be and it should be and it must be.