September 28, 2011

27 Dresses

I watched 27 dresses dayssss ago, what a romantic-happy ending story that i knew it is only exist in movies. Something you can tell to people to make them happier. Like there is hope. Im waiting for that kinda something... a guy who made mistake, made me upset, made me missundertood. The guy who i never thought would be the one for me. The guy who is not matched with the guy i always wanted to be my boyfriend. The guy who always exist in romantic comedy movie. But i know there is one for me. One for every person. Because God said that. I believe that.

I made mistake. A lot of mistakes. Im talking about my love life. First love for me was like the curiousness of how it feels to having boyfriend. Second love was like ‘did i agree to say yes to you?’ Third love was about stupidity, love triangle, cheating and a bucket full of tears, the first one who makes me cry you know? The fourth love, my latest love, was about... i dont know, dissapointment, feeling of i want to forget him, feeling of i believe he is a good guy who would not cheating on me. But he is a good guy. And i desperately broke his heart...
Sometimes i look around and seeing my friends with their boyfriends. How happy they are, how sweet, romantic, stuffs. I cant see that in my own ‘love’. I mean, im not the romantic kinda type, im the ignorance type. It sucks. I never think that im trying to keep my relationship held high. Thats the point, i never take my relationship seriously.

My mom always says never take any of your relationship seriously. I know she meant good, but i acted it wrong.

I guess i never tried to find LOVE. When i had one, someone elses broke it for me. When i had one but i didnt think its the right one, i broke it by myself.

I wish my life is like the romantic comedy movie: meet, hatred, crush, missunderstood, tears, re-meet, happy ending...

Is life that easy? It is when youre taking it easily.