September 23, 2011


finally weekend is already on board! after one week full of sweats, buses's smokes, papers, fabrics and paints, the days off are comin in. 

i know maybe i talked too much about my new life as college student but i cant stand this amazing feeling and -of course- lottahomeworktodo efforts. after 5 months i hadnt been in school, i mean the real school, i already got tired in a day! you may say im lame, weak and what so ever but you dont know what ive been through.

i woke at 4.30 and it was getting later day by day. maybe i was too tired to wake up early again haha and by the way i took two buses to get to esmod and then get the fingerprinted and off to class. there are two main classes i have to go to. but i only had one subject each day, except in wednesday i got 4 subjects. my main classes are pattern drafting and fashion design. personally, i prefer fd class than pd class. maybe because it has less work but lot of fun in there but im not saying that pd class isnt fun, am i?