September 24, 2011

okay i admit it. tonight at this very second, this very middle of the night. gue galau. lagi. aaaaaaa parah. kenapa gue sukanya sama lo. kenapa harus sama lo? gue aja ga kenal lo siapa, gue aja gatau lo kaya gimana dan gue suka sama lo. kenapa gue suka sama lo??????????????

fix. galau.

biasanya gue yang ngecak2in orang yang lagi galau. but here i am, writing about myself being galau. here i am, hiding from people's judgement and careness. when blog isnt the best people use nowadays. here i am, thinking why do i can even care about you. why am i possibly in love with you. yes you. the one that i put inside my inner circle. the one that ive been thinking all day long. all week long. and you have no idea about it! no at all!!! hffff im happy as a butterfly anyway :)