November 09, 2011

Rhetorical Questions

is it true that world has nothing but lies within

is it true that people are working each other to make some people desperate

is it true that truth is true

conspiracy. one word which explains a world

im not accusing some people or 'folks' out there are contributing together to make some kind of conspiracy, but thats all i heard from the books and articles i read

once you get involved, youll never get out. they say

i become more interested and curious about this. i for one thinking that maybe i should go to politic science in university, not this one i went to. but i dont want to make any sins by become a politician or hurt someone's feeling by becoming a critician.

in fact, i dont know which one is the truth and which one the lie is

when everything is blur, could you define the edge

when everything is grey, could you point which one is white

when everything is the same, could you say something strange

when everything is bright, could you see the light

when everything is dark, could you see the shadow

when everything seems right, could you feel anxiety
when everyone is not listening, would you?