June 23, 2012


saturday morning, home alone. 
im already on my holidays, but still i dont know what to do. im planning to go to bandung for a week, but i still had to wait for my cousin decision. i need some fresh air and new environment or else im gonna explode. yesterday i bought some stuff for something hand craft but when i had them i just dont know how to do it. this is not my first time for having this kind of losing inspiration thing. i think its because there are too many inspirations in my mind, so its spill out.
inspirations are really hard to get. when i had one but then its gooone...

get yourself used to my post, bloggie. because im gonna spill words here everyday. literally.

have you seen the mv for foster the people - houdini. this song became my favorite the first time i heard it. i want you to watch it too. you can watch it here. what i like from ftp is their lyrics are meant something, its encouraging, not trashy or bitchy nor cocky.

well i got something for you to watch too, this band name walk the moon. i discovered them like last week and i started to listened this song since. here you go