June 17, 2012


here i am, sitting and blogging without nothing to worried about. well actually, my exams are not finished yet. there are still 4 days to go but they are theories. two weeks before (this week and last week) were pattern drafting and fashion design. i passed that time already. i wont look back. whatever happened it stays in vegas, i meant stays in class. the only thing matter is i did my best, i didnt try to be better than anyone, i just tried to be the best that i could ever be in 4 days.

you know, fininshing dossier in 4 days was a disaster. i was very worried about not finish it well and stuffs. 2 hours before deadline i was like terribly insane. i hadnt finished some things which is very important and i felt like wanna cry. i tried my very best! and finally i still had some minutes to redo some technical drawing :D

you know, i really learnt something in exam. you will not be good enough if youre trying to be better than someone. but you always can be better than yourself because at some point, you'll never reach that 'best' position in your life. because you always can be better each day, am i right?

you know what really had me going that far was actually my parents. i thought about them expecting something from me, and i dont want to make them dissapointed.

esmod really taught me about what is the real meaning of hardwork. its not be taught theoritically it was taught to us literally. in work! not in written or book. in real life. you faced obstacles everytime and problem and inconvienience everywhere. but at the end you will finish what youre working because you yourselves think that you can do it. youre gonna make it.

i still had 4 days to survive from the remedials, but i give it to Allah SWT. He already wrote our destiny right? the only matter is how we works.