July 23, 2012

.....always be less humane.

i have been reading 2 Agatha Christie's books for this week. Murder in Mesopotamia and The Pale Horse.
first of all i really love reading mistery books. i'd like to know how the things work in crime scene and stuff. the feeling of being the criminal, the victims, the pressure, the fear. they are my things. but when it has something to do with blood or mutilation :| sorry gotta go~

do you like some spoiler? tehee. guess nope. the thing that really attached to my mind is the saying from one of the character in Pale Horse. i even marked the page.
"Crime is not something out of the ordinary, but even less human. Your criminal is a person who wants to be important, but he will never be important because he will always be less humane."
it got me thinking. crime is not unusual. its an usual thing that be done by less humane human. okay, lets being honest. everyone must had done 'crime', at least once. no question. but the thing is, is the crime we'd done hurt people physically? or did we steal things from them physically? what we know as crime is something that can be seen. the law is exist and inevitable. but, what do we get if our feeling is the thing that got hurt? is the one who did that could be called as criminal?

hurting one's feeling could be explained as 1. she/he is being less humane to the other, or 2. she/he is being too humane. am i wrong? 

being humane is about to feel the emotions, whether its happy, sad, shy, mad, flattered, angry, upset, anxious, etc. we cant tell that is wrong to be mad or even sad. its just the timing. when your friend is sad, you cant be act joyfull. at least not in front of him/her. being understanding. if everyone is understanding to each other, i bet there is no crime on the earth. i think the feeling of understanding is the most human of all feelings. because from being understanding, you could reach every kind of people's emotions and feel it by yourself. 

im not a good writer, i cant write things poetically. is that even a word? poetically? but i really want to say that there would be no war and crime. because understanding is the most human feeling that could be felt even from a less humane person.